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R. Lee + Glocks = Fun

27 January 2013 @ 18:33

Via Paco via Tim Blair

At least in parts of America, you don’t need a LEO convention for that scenario to play out…for now.

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  1. 27 January 2013 @ 19:19 19:19

    Thanks for this (and other) links, Bob!

  2. M. Thompson permalink
    27 January 2013 @ 20:14 20:14

    Nice. I prefer a Beretta myself, but that’s what I’m used to.

  3. 27 January 2013 @ 21:10 21:10

    I like my S&W Model 5906. Looks kind of like a 1911, but has a 15+1 magazine capacity in the 9mm.

  4. 28 January 2013 @ 07:38 07:38

    I like my 1911. My son has a Glock and likes it. A Depitty Sheriff friend hates Glock, but likes his H&K USP. I personally don’t like DA semi-autos and I’m a firm believer in the big hole theory.

    I did like the ad though.

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