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Celebrate Diverse Destruction [UPDATED]

16 December 2014 @ 21:43

Over at The Other McCain, Stacy McCain pulls no punches in his analysis of what it is exactly that Homosexual activists are after.

In a post on a lawsuit filed by two Lesbian students against Pepperdine University, Stacy remarked:

A rep for Pepperdine issued a statement to TMZ Sports saying, “We take allegations of this kind very seriously. We conducted an immediate and thorough investigation and found no evidence to support these claims.”

“The University remains committed to a diverse and inclusive environment.”

Well, thanks, Pepperdine, for that courageous statement in favor of diversity and inclusion, but don’t you see that the diverse people you are including don’t want to be merely included? No, they want the whip in their hands, so they can boss you around, tell you what to do, and compel you to grovel at their feet — “Please don’t hit me again!” — while you tell them how incomparably special they are.

Homosexuals now have a right to being treated exactly how they want to be treated, and if anybody should ever so much as hint that they are less than ecstatic with enthusiasm for homosexuality, that’s a hate crime, a violation of their constitutional rights!

Didn’t you read the Supreme Court’s Windsor ruling? The gay rights movement was never about freedom. It was always about power.

Now that our Supreme Court and our political elite have given 2.3% of the population 100% of the power — you did read the Supreme Court’s Windsor decision, didn’t you? — their unlimited power is going to be used to destroy every person and every institution that ever dared to oppose the totalitarian ambitions of gay rights activists.

They’re here, they’re queer, and they want revenge.


That’s the answer you’ll get from the Gay Rights Totalitarians, who now have the constitutional right to make you bake them a cake.

You have no rights, you hillbilly holy rollers. The Supreme Court has ruled that there is no God and that homosexuality is sacred — sodomy is a constitutional right! — and while lawyers for the gay rights movement are busy suing into bankruptcy every person or institution who in any way opposes gay people in their exercise of those rights, public schools are teaching your children to celebrate homosexuality with books and videos and games and prizes for the child who most joyously praises the wonders of glorious gayness.

-Of course, the Homosexual activists are merely working from the Leftist Playbook.  There’s no original thinking involved in their strategy or tactics [of course, most Leftists do not engage in original thinking — that’s why they’re Leftists].

-‘They’re here, they’re queer, and they want revenge.’

For the Left as a whole, the chant is:

We’re here, we’re alien, and we want revenge!

-Ever notice that every Leftist you meet seems to believe they have been wronged in some way, be it by ‘Society’ or by the ‘Patriarchy’ or by ‘Capitalists’ or by ‘Religious Nuts’ or by [fill-in-the-blank]?

They have been wronged!

The Dealer known as Life has cheated and dealt them a bad hand.

Life is UNFAIR!

Such thinking betrays a rampant immaturity that eventually metastasizes into a psychotic obsession with getting Revenge on the architects of their ‘misery’.  Paranoia governs their plans and actions.

The Leftists are all members of the Tin-Foil Hat Brigade.

They are only achieving Legitimacy and any success because we grant these to them.

We are allowing the destruction of what we supposedly hold dear and sacred.

UPDATE at 2331…

In the Comments, Shermlaw remarks:

I cannot emphasize enough how contrived this is. Princeton Review once noted that Pepperdine is not the place to attend if one wishes to pursue an “alternative lifestyle.” It’s in an athletic conference for basketball which consists only of religious institutions, mostly Catholic, but also Brigham Young University. Pepperdine is affiliated with a very conservative denomination, The Churches of Christ.

No one can tell me, these women did not know any of the facts recited above.

With respect to playing hoops, these are transfer students. They are not listed on the roster. At best, they would have to serve a year off according to the NCAA without a guarantee they’d make the team. Plus, it seems one has other eligibility “issues.” That means she’s ineligible and the school cannot play her or have her on the team!

Finally, the WNBA business is laughable, if for no other reason that than the WNBA is barely afloat. Did either of these girls play on the U.S. team? I’ve not heard of them and I follow college basketball with a white hot passion, both men’s and women’s.

No, the sole purpose of this suit is the destruction of Christian colleges and universities.

Dead solid perfect.

The GOP Establishment’s Unarguable Choice For President/VP Romney/Sandoval

15 December 2014 @ 22:28

M-Joseph-Sheppard-001bxSpecial guest post
M. Joseph Sheppard

Lost in the whirlwind that was the Republican party’s November tsunami was this obscure bulletin at“Ralston Reports”:

When I first wrote about Engage Nevada, I thought it would be a noble but probably futile effort by one of the state’s premier operatives, Chris Carr.

But after the smoke cleared Nov. 4, Carr’s efforts had paid off in the most dramatic Republican sweep the state has seen.

And the last filing of the year by the federal PAC for the “nonpartisan” 501c4 he set up shows who Carr encouraged to give money in the last month to ensure registration numbers were turned into voters. In late October, the PAC took in $200,000, with Gov. Brian Sandoval, Gondolier Numero Uno Sheldon Adelson and presidential hopeful past and maybe future Mitt Romney essentially giving all the money.

Here’s the tally:

►Sandoval for Governor, $65,000 on 10/24 ($125,000 for the year)

► Adelson, $75,000 on 10/23 (his only donation)

► Restore Our Future (Romney’s PAC), $50,000 on 10/21 (only one)

►NV Jobs PAC, controlled by Sandoval aides, $10,000 on 10/30 (only one)

A couple hundred grand in 10 days. Not bad.

Yes, certainly impressive funding but was this huge input of funds necessary to save Governor Sandoval from near defeat? Hardly. Here are the polls from Real Clear Politics for the Nevada governorship in the latter months of the campaign.


Clearly there was never a moment when Governor Sandoval was in any danger of losing whatsoever,never being ahead by less that 22 points and winning by an astonishing 46.7 points-so what was behind this scramble for such substantial sums for his campaign?

Consideration of the Electoral College map, and in particular the challenging road to the required 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency, may give a clue. The GOP’s 2016 presidential candidate must win Florida-lose that state with its substantial Hispanic population, and it’s game over right from the start. Having a vice-presidential candidate of Hispanic heritage, as does Governor Sandoval who is of Mexican descent, would clearly not be an hindrance.

Once the hurdle of Florida has been overcome, which was only lost by less than 1 point in 2012, the much more severe challenge of Virginia and its 13 Electoral College votes comes into view.Virginia has swung to the Democrats twice as the northern part of the state has seen a substantial influx from the DC area. Losing Virginia would make the GOP’s task extremely difficult, not only would they have to win the swing state of Ohio, but claw back both Iowa and Colorado which went for President Obama twice-but with those three states there is a path to victory and it is winning Nevada’s six electoral votes.

Given that there was no need whatsoever to so substantially pour vast amounts of money into a campaign that was always going to win in a landslide the “long game” clearly indicates it might be money well spent.There is no question that Governor Sandoval has impressive aspects to offer the 2016 ticket. As mentioned, he is of Hispanic decent which could be vital in Florida,Colorado and of course his home state of Nevada-the loss of any one of which could doom the GOP to defeat. In a time when the electorate may have tired of senators with little or no management experience Sandoval can point to his state re-electing him with a massive majority. Further at a time,if current rends continue, the electorate is looking for fresh faces not connected with the current Congress Sandoval appears to carry no such baggage and is young and personable.

With former Governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney currently doing the dance of the seven veils (Politico; “Backers,Romney More Open To 2016 Run”) as the party (and media of course) turns its immediate attention to 2016, the fact that his PAC dumped such a huge amount of money into a race where it was not needed could indicate that the Romney team see the same scenario as I outline above.

It is a compelling message if framed as “Romney lost by a fraction in Florida and by a small margin in Ohio, given that he was right about President Obama and with Governor Sandoval as his VP running mate winning those two states, plus Sandoval’s Nevada, would bring near certain victory in 2016″. That Romney, Sheldon Adelson and the powers that be in Nevada appear to have considered this, in my opinion, is perhaps confirmed by the tried and true adage “follow the money.”

Whether the primary season sees the rank and file wish to have a conservative as the nominee or former Governor Bush, or Governor Christie runs and splits the Establishment vote remains to be seen, but it would appear that significant Establishment leaders and money men may have made their choices for 2016 in October 2014.


Mr. Sheppard is the proprietor of the blogs Point Of View and Palin4President 2016He also writes occasionally for American Thinker and is a man of refined taste.  Follow him on Twitter: @MJosephSheppard.

Sunday Nocturnal: Misty – Frank Sinatra / Julie London

14 December 2014 @ 20:27

One week early this month.

Look at me…
I’m as helpless as a kitten up a tree…

I get misty the moment you’re near…

On my own
Would I wander through this wonderland alone
Never knowing my right foot from my left
My hat from my glove
I’m too misty…and too much in love…

[Music by Erroll Garner / Lyrics by Johnny Burke]

Leftist Thinking Unmasked: Shampooing And Conditioning The Soul

14 December 2014 @ 02:25

In a recent post, Mark Steyn on the Leftist strategy to create a ‘society of emasculated liars’ [these remarks by him start with a quote from the Cavalier Daily of Charlottesville]:

“I felt people were fixating on the details and quality of Rolling Stone reporting, and the fact is, whatever happened, something happened to Jackie,” Mirza said. “And even if she made up the story, things like this do happen, and there are sexual assaults that don’t get reported, so I meant to bring the focus back to Jackie. Whatever comes of this, we’re still behind her and we still think she did something brave by coming forward.”

“Even if she made up the story”, she “pulled back the curtain on rape”. And even if there was no rape going on behind the curtain she raised awareness of how rape culture is so prevalent that women are being traumatized into making up stories that they’ve been gang-raped by seven Phi Kappa Psi men even when they haven’t been. The blogger Oliver Willis thinks it’s “super dangerous” that the right is seizing on the implosion of Rolling Stone‘s story to insist that “all rape allegations can be ignored”. But isn’t it the left that’s trivializing real rape by according fake rape the same protected status? After all, if Jackie is incredibly “brave” for “coming forward” to “pull back the curtain” on something that never happened, if “gang rape” no longer requires either rape or a gang, if it is not necessary to have actually been attacked, brutalized and sexually violated in order to be a rape victim, then what’s the big deal if one has been?

My old Spectator comrade Theodore Dalrymple once observed:

Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

The less it corresponds to reality the better – if the purpose is to humiliate, and force you to acquiesce in the lies….

This Leftist strategy also has the benefit — a, perhaps, more important one — of eventually making people doubt the Truth of any claim or report.  But the Human desire to know the Truth remains, so these people will start to believe in only those things that they have been trained to favor, those that fit-in with their way of thinking and feeling.  If such conditioned people have been trained in the Leftist Way Of Thinking then they will be more receptive to the Leftist Narrative.

And, since the Leftist Narrative is based in fantastical thinking, such conditioned people will buy into the Leftist delusion.

[As I wrote the other day:

The Leftist refuses to accept Reality, that things are what they are, that A is A.

He refuses to deal with the Truth of Life as it is.

The Leftist, therefore, is delusional is his approach to the problems of Human Existence.]

Such a buy-in will, inevitably, lead to the enslavement of the conditioned people because the Leftist Leaders seek this, so they will gear their lies to achieving this end.

A people that are able to separate the Truth from Lies are a people that can never be enslaved.

Take away the belief that Truth exists and you create conditions where people will believe in anything.  Train such a people to think that everything is Relative and that Unicorns exist and you create the conditions where people will snap the locks on their own chains.

In the hands of a skillful indoctrinator, the average student not only thinks what the indoctrinator wants him to think . . . but is altogether positive that he has arrived at his position by independent intellectual exertion. This man is outraged by the suggestion that he is the flesh-and-blood tribute to the success of his indoctrinators.

—William F. Buckley Jr., Up From Liberalism

[Tip of the fedora to Stacy McCain for the WFB quote]

The Madness Of King Leftist

12 December 2014 @ 10:39

So many Americans don’t want to believe that the Leftists among us are truly not like us, that their whole way of approaching everything is alien to our way of Life.

By use of an exaggerated example, Belmont Club commentator Pooledon4627 shows the alienness quite starkly:

I have long imagined that if President Obama was told that an asteroid is going to impact the Earth, he would call for legislation to change the gravitational constant of the universe while blaming the Republicans for the asteroid.

The Leftist refuses to accept Reality, that things are what they are, that A is A.

He refuses to deal with the Truth of Life as it is.

The Leftist, therefore, is delusional is his approach to the problems of Human Existence.

He thinks that all pain and suffering and misery and even Death can be overcome, wiped-out, so, in his delusional state, he plots and plans, not simply a better world, but one that will be Perfection itself, Heaven On Earth.

The Leftist believes that Reality can be molded into any shape and given whatever attributes one desires.

He is, once again, delusional; he is self-deceiving, mentally disturbed.

When such a person and his fellow self-deceivers gain Power And Control, they end-up bringing about pain and suffering and misery and Death.

The Leftist Way Of Thinking now dominates in America. And America is sliding into enslavement.

Soon, of we do not vanquish Leftism from this land, we will find ourselves prisoners of madmen.

Happy Birthday, Francis Albert

12 December 2014 @ 00:01

Born 12 December 1915…

Heaven: Where the air is rarefied…

Please don’t talk about him when he’s gone…

No matter what…

There’ll be a swingin’ affair in Heaven tonight.

Trust No One

11 December 2014 @ 20:11

I want you to find out what he’s got under his fingernails.

—’Don Corleone’, The Godfather

I may have a bad head cold, but I think I have a healthy attitude when it comes to conservative politicians.

Over at The Other McCain, in a post by Smitty, commentator Michael Spangler remarked about the House hearing where Jonathan ‘Bring On The Stupid’ Gruber was the main witness testifying:

He’s using the “Obama Defense”. It’s better to appear stupid rather than guilty. But the Republicans aren’t going to repeal Obamacare anyway so it’s really just a show hearing.

With the exception of Gowdy, he’s in it to win it.

I replied:

The verdict is still out on Mr. Gowdy.

K-Bob replied to moi:

He’s freaking fabulous on certain topics, but I’m afraid he’s been quite definite in his support for legalizing the illegal alien population.

As far as I’m concerned, we conservatives are at the stage where we should withhold placing our Trust in all conservative politicians for much, much longer — if at all — than we used to.  We have been burned way too many times, especially since 2010, to ever so easily again invest our lives, our fortunes, our Freedoms, and our Liberties in the hands of such people.

Sustained Honor and Virtue are rare attributes found in most Americans today.  Morality has become deranged.  Behavior that was once worthy of the practitioner being shamed and shunned by Society is now tolerated, accepted as Normal [‘Whadda you expect? He’s a (fill-in-the-blank).’].

Toleration is a fine thing until it gets you enslaved.

Don’t trust and always verify…

…and listen to Frankie ‘Five Angels':

Michael Corleone: C’mon Frankie… my father did business with Hyman Roth; he respected Hyman Roth.

Frank Pentangeli: Your father did business with Hyman Roth; he respected Hyman Roth…but he never trusted Hyman Roth!

The American Idol

11 December 2014 @ 14:36

Over at Protein Wisdom, Squid is spot-on:

I just wish there were a way to make the networks stress that Gruber wasn’t talking about Republicans when he made his comments about the electorate’s stupidity.

What would happen if Brian Williams or Jon Stewart stated point blank that the GOP and the Tea Partiers were never going to vote for this thing under any circumstances, and so the Obamoids focused on tricking their own side into going along with the idea? “So basically, you lied to your own voters, thinking that they were ignorant enough to buy into your lies? That’s just cold. How do you think they’ll react now that they know what you really think of them?”

I suspect that their glazed-over eyes will blink in non-recognition, as they turn the channel to catch the latest episode of America’s Got Something Stupid.

Such has it always been — albeit with different specifics — since Mankind began civilizing itself.

Although, one has to admit: it’s a Helluva lot easier to fool some of the people all of the time when you have killed-off God and His Morality.

Bob’s Back…And Front

11 December 2014 @ 14:31

Hello, fun-seekers.

I have been waylaid [the only kind I get at my age (drum roll /cymbal crash)] by a rather nasty head cold since Sunday and dealing with a minor stroke my Father had Friday Night [he's going to be fine as it only effected his right leg – no paralysis; that eighty-nine year old Veteran is a tough cookie].

I suspect I’ll be slow in coming back-up to speed, so please bear with me [or dog with me, or lion with me, or (ladies only) come fly with me].

Red China: Power, Corruption, And Lies…And Threat

07 December 2014 @ 22:10

This is for all of those people in America and The West who think doing business with Red China — letting us become dependent on them for products, manufacturing services, minerals, etc. — is a good idea that will benefit us in the long run…

Two columns by Richard Fernandez on Friday and Saturday instant remind us of the nature of that Communist Regime.

Some highlights:

The exercise of state authority is often — and meant to be — an awe-inspiring spectacle.  Movie goers are familiar with the scene: thundering converging helicopters, SWAT vans  with flashing lights closing in; armed men in Kevlar vests advancing in a stack with firearms at the ready.  And if the perp is smart he’ll throw down his guns and hope  Steve McGarrett is there to utter his trademark “book ‘em Danno”. But imagine a police agency that makes the FBI or Scotland Yard look little league.  The Shuanggui pronounced (SHWANG’-gwei) is the secret police of the Communist Party of China, otherwise known as the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection  or CCDI.  They don’t arrive with flashing lights and thumping rotors.  They just show up and then they take you with them, often forever. And they’ve been hard at work arresting tens of thousands of Chinese communists, torturing them to extract confessions and otherwise rounding up anyone connected with Zhou Yongkang, recently the internal security chief of China and head of its oil industry; one of the most powerful men in China now headed for life imprisonment and secret death.


Imagine reading in the papers that a person having the attributes of oil billionaire, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and General Hayden were suddenly arrested on charges of espionage. The English word “purge” probably conjures up images of Ex-lax among Western readers. But as the Washington Post notes, in China ‘purge’ connotes images of a high rise concrete building, surrounded by a seven foot security wall, off limits to everybody, with only an address number to suggest its purpose, with website “”.  The headquarters of the CCDI is where you go never to return. “In the middle of the building’s garden stands a 350-year-old locust tree. Visitors are often told it’s meant to symbolize the impartiality of justice.” Cynics say it really symbolizes “the guilty sitting in judgment of the guilty”. The Washington post recounts that “Lin Zhe, a professor at the Central Party School, an influential party institution, has visited the disciplinary detention center in Shanghai.

The rooms mostly looked normal, with all the expected facilities — bathroom, tables, sofa, she said in an interview. The only sign of the room’s true purpose was the soft rubber walls. They were installed because too many officials had previously tried to commit suicide by banging their heads against the wall, she said.”

The investigative process is simple. Once set on the trail the CCDI begins a “pre-investigation” of selected party members, gathers the evidence, shows the list of the doomed to the Party for approval, convenes a kangaroo court and disappear the targets. The New York Times has a tree diagram of Zhou Yongkang’s associates and relatives. Except for a relative living in California, Zhou’s relations are listed: “detained by authorities whereabouts unknown”. Everyone confesses, as the fate of someone whose real estate deal went bad exemplifies. Junior functionary Yu Qiyi was held in a tub of icy water by six investigators attempting to extract a confession. He drowned. However, his body bore the marks of numerous other attempts of persuasion.  ”Beat ‘em Danno”. As the South China Morning Post notes, the current purge is the biggest since the days of the Gang of Four. It has a map showing where high and middle ranking officials have been arrested. It’s all over China and at all levels. The Long Knives are out and no one is safe.


…The Chinese Communist Party’s biggest weakness — which some account to be its strength — is its totally amorality…


The Chinese Communist Party isn’t fighting “corruption” as much as trying to maintain its monopoly over it. Corruption can be understood as a measure of deviation from the norm, a variation from the true signal that can be counter-acted by error detection and correction. But the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t want the truth. On the contrary, it desires a monopoly on deception.


China’s efforts are aimed at stealing commercial secrets, blackmailing enemies, finding financial fugitives, ferreting out the secret bank accounts of Chinese Communist officials and above all, keeping the deception going. It’s an all-encompassing political strategy. The Chinese Poliburo Standing Committee, like a spider sitting in the center of a web, is fixated on controlling its information environment through a plethora of agencies.

This obsequious Detente we have with Communist China will be as about effective as Detente was with the Soviet Union.  It will not bring down these Oriental Despots.  The Soviet Union fell because we rejected Detente and took a hard-line with the butchers behind the Iron Curtain.

Of course, this time it will be much harder because we have become so much more dependent on Red China economically than we ever were for the USSR.

But this is a task we must take-on for the sake of our national security.  Right now, we would be very hard-pressed to be able to fight a major war against anybody because our internal capabilities have been so weakened.

On ‘Choke-Holds’ And #EricGarner

05 December 2014 @ 19:36

Jeff Goldstein is a Traditional Wrestling coach and is trained in self-defense techniques:

Bottom line: There was no intent to kill Garner, or at least no compelling evidence of such. Garner’s repetition that he couldn’t breathe was based on his positioning and prior health problems, and made worse by the forearm restraint and the application of weight on Garner to keep him subdued. “Choke holds” are mostly misidentified: choke holds are aimed at cutting off air intake and generally amount to a direct attack on the trachea. My own training has me using two fingers to grab around and compress the wind pipe, should I wish to “choke” someone. Strangles, on the other hand, cut of blood to the carotids. And during a well-executed strangle hold (like, eg., a rear naked “choke”), the ability to speak is greatly minimized and often impossible. This is why we see tap outs in MMA: they substituted non-verbal surrender for verbal surrender, the latter having become difficult or outright impossible.

Were I applying a loose strangle hold — a come along, as we call it, to command compliance without doing serious damage — and I heard “I can’t breathe,” I’d know that I was applying the hold loosely and without fear of cutting off blood to the carotids. This is still an effective way to subdue a much larger man — even without causing him to lose consciousness.

This whole ‘Choke-Hold!’ meme is misleading.  Just another Leftist Lie done in the service of the Revolution.

Fight it.


American Blacks: Endangered Species?

05 December 2014 @ 09:11

Surveying the current situation, It would seem so…

As Ernst Schreiber points out, Blacks have been enjoying Endangered Species Status for many decades now:

The problem is that blacks are a legally protected class.

The human version of an endangered species, as it were.

Just another example of how political correctness and the hierarchy of victimhood warp our perception of Real Life (TM).

The thing is: during those decades when some [key word] Blacks took advantage of this Status, Blacks as a whole in America weren’t actually qualified to be labeled thus. While their situation was not what it should have been, progress was being made every day and their situation was constantly improving. Attitudes were changing slowly, more naturally [key word], but they were definitely changing for the better [give Americans time and they show themselves to be quite noble — such is the way of Republics where Freedom and Ordered Liberty hold sway, but, most especially, in this unique one].

The Early Civil Rights Movement sought to kick-up the speed of this attitudinal change. It’s leaders, at first, resisted the efforts of the Hard Left [especially those of Communists in America taking orders (and monies) from Moscow] to direct it’s activities. But, eventually, many of the leaders of the Movements succumbed to the Radicalization efforts of the Left In America.

And the Race Hucksters emerged — Blacks who, in their anger and Moral Corruption, sought to loot their ‘oppressors’ Eventually, in their rabid and corrupted state, these Hucksters began to prey on their own people [more on this to come in a guest post by K-Bob].

At the same time, Leftist Whites successfully pushed through Legislation that created The Great Society, a set of programs that provided incentives for Dependency on government — soul-sucking initiatives that sought to destroy the Family and remove it from the center of Life.

While these programs were successful in undermining all races, in the Black families they were particularly successful because the Left targeted them for special attention [the Left’s Dark Secret: it’s leaders have always assumed non-Whites are less intelligent and, therefore more easily exploitable]. The sub-par conditions of Blacks in American Society were more easily exploited, the righteous anger was stoked from a simmering flame into a raging inferno that often was out of control in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

It eventually settled down into a steady fire, but this was only because a new way of operating / subverting was adopted by the Left In America that was designed to overthrow the existing American System not through violent Revolution, but by destroying it from within. And that required more seemingly-peaceful means.

However, the flame of anger was always there to be stoked when necessary.

For the first six years of the regime of the first half-Black President [who had never, by the way, endured the conditions most Blacks in America faced], those flames were constantly being stirred-up into blazes, but a curious thing started to also occur concurrently: the targeting of ‘Hispanics’ for special attention by the Left.

As the Left In America began to lavish the ‘Hispanics’ with considerations, they quietly began to turn their attentions away from the Blacks. Sure, they continued to use them to sow unrest and Chaos in American Society [witness the recent protests over the Grand Jury verdicts in Ferguson and New York], but the Left began to take actions that would undermine the Black Community they had so carefully nurtured and cultivated for decades.

The push for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens and the encouragement of as many ‘Hispanics’ as possible to illegal come to America both are undermining the conditions of Blacks in this country. While these Aliens will take away low-paying jobs from Blacks, they will, more importantly, scoff-up more of the government services [monies and access to health care] Blacks have been trained to expect as by Right. Their piece of the dependent pie will be cut smaller. And, if demographic predictions are proven correct, eventually the ‘Hispanics’ will outnumber the Blacks, thus rendering the latter’s political power less important to the Left.

Now, couple this ‘sad’ fact with the fact that Blacks make-up an unusually high percentage of the abortions being performed in this country* and it makes you wonder if Blacks in America have finally, indeed, become an actual Endangered Species.

*From a recent The Daily Caller report by Sarah Hurtubise, based on a recent CDC report [tip of the fedora to Jill Stanek]:

The race of the victims is disproportionately skewed as well. Non-Hispanic black women had the highest rate of abortion — for every 1,000 black women between the ages of 15 and 44 years, 29.7 had abortions in 2011. Non-Hispanic black women accounted for 36.2 percent of all abortions that year; non-Hispanic white women accounted for 37.2 percent.

That’s a serious skew — the 2013, the Census Bureau reported that in the U.S. at large, 62.6 percent of people in the country were non-Hispanic white alone, while 13.2 percent were black or African American alone.

Congress Pulls Back The Curtain…

04 December 2014 @ 20:33

…and shows it’s true self:


Yup…collectively the members constitute one, big, humongous arsehole.

The GOP Leadership Starring In The Mime Theater Production Of ‘Treason From Within’

04 December 2014 @ 14:49

The Useful Idiot Quislings silently perform a Ballet Of Destruction as the Funhouse Playhouse burns to the ground.

Jeff Goldstein on the news that the GOP Leadership is working with the Democratic Leadership in the Congress to give The Jarrett Junto, specifically, and the Left In America, generally what it wants, despite their election promises:

The plan — because, you know, our elected representatives now rely on the stupidity of the American voter — is to push through funding with Democrat votes, blocking the “extremist wing” of the GOP from doing anything to mess up the chance to bring Jeb Bush to the White House in 2016. Of course, these same people who believe you are stupid ran on precisely the same message as the “extremists” they’ll now seek to marginalize and whose votes they’ll seek to compensate for with Democrat support. After which, they’ll talk tough and hold show votes pretending they to try to repeal what they’ve allowed through the funding process and through abdication of their commitment to the people they represent.

It’s all theater. Boehner, Obama, Reid, McConnell — they’ve been working together on this mutually-beneficial cronyist move for some time now. But Boehner wanted Obama to wait until after the election to do something, after which he wouldn’t do anything in the House to stop him.

This is nothing short of an absolute betrayal of the American people, and proof positive that the GOP is complicit in usurping Congressional power and moving it to the Executive branch (which, when we have the next GOP President, the Dems will turn around and disallow as a matter of “principle” when and if a GOP President tries it). They care nothing of the people they claim to represent. They say what they need to to get reelected and then they go to Washington and do as they please, creating plausible deniability of their political venality and cowardice by orchestrating these show votes — and even worse, but making sure the conditions the electorate oppose continue to exist so that they can then fundraise off of them, and run campaigns based on promises to thwart them, once they have enough power.

It’s all bullshit. Every last bit of it.

The federal system is irredeemably corrupt and coopted. The political class truly does despise the grass roots who have shown an interest in the inner workings of a broken system and who’ve pulled the sheet back on what is in effect a one-party liberal fascist ruling elite.

Why can’t the Useful Idiots do like their Loyalist ancestors and just leave our shores?

The key word in that last paragraph of Jeff’s above is ‘irredeemably’ — the national government is so thoroughly infected with Corruption, Bureaucratism, Fascism, and Socialism that there is no possible way that it can be saved in it’s present form.

Those of us on the Right who are not Useful Idiot Quislings understand this — we only differ on the next effective step to be taken.

-Some argue that a Convention Of The States in the spirit of Mark Levin’s Article V Liberty Amendments is the way to go.

-Others believe that the national government cannot be saved and our only hope for Restoration of our Freedoms and Liberties lies in the Several States, in some form, effecting a separation.

-And some of us think we should being working for both at the same time.

But, we are all agreed that something sweeping and severe and drastic must be done — and attempted very, very soon because the shackles of enslavement are ready to be locked around our necks.

Resistentiam Tyrannis nunc.
Resistentiam Tyrannis saecula.

Resistance to Tyranny now.
Resistance to Tyranny forever.


PS: It’s good to have Jeff back, even if it’s just for a post or two. He’s been going through some very rough times, but he’s a Patriot and a fighter — a true Outlaw — and he will, I’m sure, emerge stronger than ever, ready to engage the Enemy in All-Out War once again in this fight to the death.

Obama: ‘The Disunion, She Must Be Preserved!’

04 December 2014 @ 09:42

Sir Paco Of The Enterprise on ‘Barack Hussein Obama’s’ extending of an invitation to a known tax delinquent and agitator of violence:

Yes, Sharpton is an evil clown, a semi-literate buffoon who has incited violence, championed frauds, and cheated everyone from his landlord to the IRS. But he gets attention and respect from the President of the United States Democratic base, and that is genuinely alarming, particularly since we are stuck with this pandering panjandrum for another two years. Too much more of Barry’s “post-racial” awesomeness, and our cities are likely to turn into smoking ruins.

I think it appropriate to do like Paco and cross out ‘United States’ every time we write/type ‘President Of The United States’ at least until 20 January 2017, because the current Tyrant #Occupying The White House is doing everything in his Despotic Power to disunite these United States.

How perfectly coincident is this, with the conduct of the Tyrant Stewart race, whose wicked and ruinous policy made them fear to meet their people, and rendered it necessary to deprive the community of the aid resulting from wise and collected councils. The event of their despotism is well known.

—Richard Henry Lee, Letter to Samuel Adams, 04 February 1775

‘And Onan (R-RNC)…Spilled It On The Ground’

04 December 2014 @ 08:52

As Darleen Click reports, seventeen states are taking action on the Federal Courts trying to prevent the implementation of the Administration’s immigration Executive Actions.

They felt compelled to do so because the Republican Leadership in the Congress is, as she puts it, ‘dithers’ on confronting the Despot in The White House.

She is quite right in her assessment, but I would have ascribed the GOP Leadership’s actions as compulsive onanism.

The Republicans have diddled with themselves so much that they have gone blind [and not in the service of their country, ala George Washington].

They can no longer see what they are supposed to stand for.

So…they sit on their smug arses in the lounge, waiting to be called to sit at the table of Power And Control. Sadly [for them], they end-up being seated at the Kid’s Table.

In the Restaurant Of Life, the Left sits in the VIP Area drinking single-malts, eating Waygu steaks, the GOP at the low table coloring with crayons and eating mac and cheese, and we are expected to serve them all and clean the toilets. I say: let’s spit in their food, to start, and then lock the doors and burn the joint down.

Okay…I’ll stop now and have Mrs. B. make me a sammich.

On The #EricGarner Case And Our Obligations As Guardians Of The Republic

03 December 2014 @ 21:51

William Jacobson is quite correct and says it better than I could, so I’m going to quote him in full:

It’s very tempting to jump to conclusions in either direction about the Eric Garner Grand Jury non-indictment of one of the arresting police officers.

It would be really, really easy to jump on the “injustice” bandwagon, with a visceral reaction to the video.  Or to take the contrarian view because there was, after all, resistance to a lawful arrest.  No resistance, no death.

In fact, we’ve gone through multiple drafts trying to sort this out.

But none of them worked because we just don’t know enough about the evidence to determine whether the death of Garner was the result of an unlawful homicide, or just a tragic confluence of resisting arrest, health problems and lawful use of force by police.

I think we’ve done well in the many criminal cases we’ve followed — George Zimmerman, Michael Dunn, Joseph Walker, Michael Brown, Theodore Wafer, Merritt Landry, and others  In fact, I think we’ve done better than well, because we always followed the evidence.

We have the video, or at least one or two of the angles, but we just don’t have enough … yet.

I want to understand this case better. That may take a day, a week, a month, or never.

There are plenty of opinions, but at least for tonight, you won’t find them here.

Especially in these times where many policing departments have become para-military organizations to be feared as the Standing Armies of the Colonial Period were, this kind of incident requires that we be given all of the information possible before we render an opinion.

We conservatives are traditionally strong supporters of Law Enforcement Officers and Officials because we believe in Ordered Liberty and The Rule Of Law, but we also understand that, like any of the powers placed in the hands of government employees, they can be abused by the imperfect men who wield them.

As governments at all levels have become more Tyrannical, it is right and proper that we be on heightened guard for abuses and uspurpations by those in the employ of our governments at all levels.  Too often lately, especially in the last two decades, Law Enforcement Officers and Officials have inflicted injustices on the Law-Abiding, because (1) the laws passed have been Despotic and (2) some of those Officers and Officials have forgotten their obligations under our Constitutions [ie: their Oaths].

Laws and Regulations [which have the force of Law] have become so numerous that every American breaks at least one every single day.

We live in an age of Leftist Hegemony where Leftist Thinking has pervaded American Society, where ideas that are Alien to The Founding have been given a Legitimacy that they do not deserve.  We live in a time where our understanding of Freedom and Ordered Liberty has become deranged, where our view has been filtered through a fun-house mirror.

Conservatives realize that we can no longer assume that Law Enforcement Officers and Officials are, in the main, to be trusted with the immense power we place in them.  And, at the same time, we are quite aware that the Masterminds behind the Left In America are doing everything in their power to destroy every aspect of American Society, to sow Chaos, and to promote Tribalism, which is the enemy of a Free People.

We are in a situation where we have no choice, if we are to remain true to the magnificent Legacy gifted to us by The Founders, to question every action taken, be suspicious of all motivations, to doubt all who say ‘We’re from the [insert organization or group here] and we’re here to help’.

Now more than ever, we conservatives must be suspicious of all hope and all change.

This is a sad situation, but how else can we approach such grave matters?  How else can we properly perform our duties as the Guardians Of The American Republic?  And our obligations to our Posterity:

Let us remember that “if we suffer tamely a lawless attack upon our liberty, we encourage it, and involve others in our doom.” It is a very serious consideration, which should deeply impress our minds, that millions yet unborn may be the miserable sharers of the event.

—Samuel Adams, writing as ‘CANDIDUS’ in The Boston Gazette, 14 October 1771

On Robotics And The Scouring Of The Shire

03 December 2014 @ 14:32

Can you blame an American business owner trying to make a living under the Tyrannical conditions present today embracing a robotic workforce?

In the Comments section of a thought-provoking post by Richard Fernandez, commentator Gretz succinctly describes the advantages for the owner:

[Robots] don’t (yet) get knocked up, or have to dash off in the middle of the day when the school calls. Instead of a mandatory (and highly arbitrary) health care plan, they have service contracts that make financial sense. They don’t have retirement plans demanded by (and mismanaged by) a union, they have amortization schedules and minor disposal costs.

They don’t download porn and decide to blow millions on questionable travel expenses. Taking a bad unit out of service doesn’t risk having to pay off a lawyer, and then fund it for a $100k a year retirement.

Interesting that all of the union work will now become those people who wipe the robot’s butts for part time, while they’re turning out higher quality work for far cheaper, 24×7, no holidays, no riots, no work stoppages over petty crap. No contributions to democrat cronies. Wipe here. Oil here. Sweep there. We’ll call your temp agency if we need you back tomorrow.

Why would you want a belligerent, marxist union thug in your shop, if you can have a nice machine, instead?

No Mo Uro explores the main reasons this state of affairs came to be:

Many jobs have already been converted to robotic tasks. Many more will. In a market economy a job will only become a robot’s if the robot can do it better, cheaper, or both, than a person. By overpricing their labor, Western workers made replacement by robots much, much easier and viable economically. No businessman would invest in building and maintaining robots if humans were less expensive. The unions come in by using thug tactics to force a business to pay workers more than the actual value of their work absent government arbitrators who are biased towards unions.

The politics comes in when workers – through leftist politicians they elected – used the tax code and the alphabet agency clown farm regulatory thugs to oblige employers give them pay, either directly in the form of money, or indirectly in the form of occupational "safety" and "education" and "clean environment" the like.

Some jobs were going to be robotized no matter what. Some could have gone either way. Overpricing your labor will accelerate the first group and make the second vastly more likely. It’s really not that hard to understand.

This has NOTHING to do with computer generated entertainment or distractions and everything to do with economic systems. In a very real sense the Blue State model is accelerating its own demise by guaranteeing that its adherents convince themselves of the morality and practicality of pricing themselves out of the very job security that the Blue State model purports to uphold.

These owners are just trying to survive and, in the vast majority of cases, trying to provide for themselves and their families. The overwhelming number of them are not classified as Big Business. So I cannot blame them for doing what they can to workaround the situation they find themselves in, which is an ever-tightening and expanding Democratic / Fascistic Tyranny.

But, I can’t shake the feeling that something is being lost here, something that is a vital and key ingredient in the mix that makes up the pillars of a healthy and vibrant and free Society.

The Scouring Of The Shire proceeds apace, as the Leftist Hegemony grows stronger.

These Are The Times That Try My Soul

03 December 2014 @ 11:36

There are times — just fleeting, quickly dissipating moments — when I find myself saying: ‘That’s it. I give up – screw it. This country is not worth saving.’

-Like when I see reports like this…

From Breitbart, Dr. Susan Berry reporting:

The parents of a 19-year-old young man have posted his “birth” announcement in an Australian newspaper following his sex change.

As reported at, the notice, which appeared in The Courier Mail in Queensland and has been shared widely on social media, was actually a “retraction:”

In 1995 we announced the arrival of our sprogget, Elizabeth Anne, as a daughter. He informs us that we were mistaken. Oops! Our bad. We would now like to present our wonderful son – Kai Bogert.

Loving you is the easiest thing in the world. Tidy your room.

-Or when I hear numb-nutters say things like this…

From The Hill, Peter Sullivan reporting:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush made the case for a more centrist Republican Party on Monday night, saying a nominee should "lose the primary to win the general without violating your principles."

He said voters are looking for an "uplifting, much more positive message."

Bush’s apparent strategy not to try to appeal to the most conservative elements of the party contrasts to some degree with Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign, where some questioned whether he tacked too far to the right in the primary, hurting his ability to get back toward the center for the general election.

Bush laid out policy positions that could be controversial among the conservative base. He is a supporter of the Common Core education standards, which have caused strong backlash from conservatives who view them as impeding local control of education.

He said he opposed President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, but said Republicans should act on the issue “rather than have their heads explode.”

Economic needs should be the priority when allowing in new immigrants, Bush said, as opposed to uniting families.

He also called for an end to votes to repeal ObamaCare, in favor of putting forward Republican alternatives.

“We don’t have to make a point any more as Republicans,” he said. “We have to actually show that we can, in an adult-like way, we can govern, lead.”

-Or when I watch this…

From Politico, Lucy McCalmont reporting:

Several lawmakers took to the House floor Monday evening to make the “Hands up, don’t shoot,” gesture to protest the police shooting of the unarmed Ferguson teen, Michael Brown.

“Hands up, don’t shoot. It’s a rallying cry of people all across America who are fed up with police violence,” Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) said as he took the floor….

Joining Jeffries were Reps. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) [BOB: Well, of friggin' course] and Al Green (D-Texas), who praised the handful of St. Louis Rams’ players for also making the “hands up” gesture as they entered the field for their game on Sunday.

“This has become the new symbol, a new statement, a statement wherein people around the country now, are calling to the attention of those who don’t quite understand that this is a movement that will not dissipate, it will not evaporate. It is a movement that is going to continue,” Green said on the floor.

-Or when I learn about trends like this…

From The Federalist, Rebecca Burgess reporting:

But men evolve! And [Mark] Simpson, from his front-row seat at the runway of male social trends, this summer declared that decades of encouraging men to take themselves as their own love-object has spawned a much hipper version of the original metrosexual. This newer new man has untangled himself from the (still enjoyable, sure) distraction of clothes to focus with unadulterated purpose on himself—naked, chiseled, and glistening. Simpson would like to make our acquaintance official with this individual. Meet Mr. Spornosexual. [BOB: And don't forget the Lumbersexuals!]

-But then I remember that Nemesis is on our side and I go back on the offensive.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


(1) Tip of the fedora to Drudge for all the above articles, except the last one.

(2) Tip of the fedora to Smitty for the last article.

(3) I’ll have a Maker’s Mark. Make it a double. Straight, no chaser. It’s going to be a long dark ages.

President Obama, Seize The Moment: McCain For Sec. Defense [UPDATED]

02 December 2014 @ 15:35

M-Joseph-Sheppard-001bxSpecial guest post
by M. Joseph Sheppard

Media reports are stating that Ashton Carter is president Obama’s pick for Defense Secretary to repalce Chuck Hagel.Carter has extensive experience in the national security arena. Before he served as deputy defense secretary from October 2011 to December 2013 he was the Pentagon’s technology and weapons-buying chief for more than two years. But how could that thin resume compare to that of Senator John McCain’s?

“Defense analyst Anthony Cordesman said that as Obama approaches the end of his presidency, the Cabinet post is “not particularly desirable” for anyone with broader political ambitions.’ Why would this not apply more to Senator McCain than someone who is not widely known and might appear as a placeholder and obsequious servant of the admin’s dying days?

There is just so much right, transcendent and utterly historical for president Obama to “seize the moment” and nominate Senator john McCain as the next Secretary of Defense.

Considering the most important reason, if, as has been speculated, the administration has not been happy with departing Secretary Hagel’s, perceived as timid, prosecution of the war, which it is, against ISIS then who better to pursue a vigorous, no holds barred, as long and as much as it takes policy than Senator McCain?

On a political level, neither president Obama nor Senator McCain has anything to lose or to gain. The president will leave office and Senator McCain may or may not run again (and if he runs there are massive rumblings of a challenge from conservatives) and, on consideration finishing his career having defeated a militant enemy would be a grand highlight. It most certainly would be a better end than possibly going down to ignominious defeat in a primary campaign and would be his ultimate “rogue” move.

For President Obama a McCain nomination would see smooth sailing through the confirmation process. It would be unlikely, and frankly unseemly for McCain’s senate colleagues to block his nomination and, as with John Kerry such a long-serving high ranking senator would surely be quickly confirmed. Appointing a Republican would hardly be precedent shaking as McCain’s immediate predecessor is a Republican and many administrations appoint members of the opposing camp to secretary positions.

For President Obama with his eyes turning towards his “legacy moments” reaching across the aisle to an unheard of historic degree of appointing his opponent to such a major role would be one for the ages. If McCain succeeded, a substantial part of the credit would go to the person who put him in the role. If he failed, then the opprobrium for Obama, if there were any, would not be on any comparable level to the failure of a Democrat.

For the Republicans there is no political cost. If McCain were appointed and did not succeed no blame would attach itself to the GOP. If he succeeded then the GOP’s historic image of strong foreign policy managers would be reinforced-a no lose situation. That president Obama would be in receipt of kudos would be of little import as he is not running for re-election and his accomplishments would not necessarily attach themselves the 2016 Democratic nominee.

The GOP would have no worries about losing a senate vote as they have a majority without McCain’s vote. The Republican Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer would of course be expected to nominate a replacement for McCain under these circumstances and for her to, this might be an historic, legacy moment. In this scenario what better person for her to replace Senator McCain with than the long-term resident of Arizona, Sarah Palin? Palin’s appointment could, under the circumstances, be signalled as a replacement appointment until the seat is up for re-election in 2016 which would assuage the feelings of any Republican who had his or her eye on the seat at that time. For Governor Palin it would give an outstanding platform for a 2016 presidential run unencumbered by having to make a commitment to serving a 6 year term.

Never has an appointment to such a major role had the capacity to give so many an historic legacy. For Obama, McCain, Brewer, and Palin the positives are phenomenal. For the American people and the free world as a positive, for America’s radical enemies as a terrible negative. Opportunities such as this come, perhaps, only once in an administration’s and a presidents lifetime-will President Obama reach out for the brass ring?

Mr. Sheppard is the proprietor of the blogs Point Of View and Palin4President 2016He also writes occasionally for American Thinker and is a man of refined taste.  Follow him on Twitter: @MJosephSheppard.

UPDATE at 2111…

Two new paragraphs inserted at the beginning of this post.



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