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RING-A-DING-DING! -In honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Francis Albert Sinatra [born 12-DEC-1915], Friend In The Ether Pundette has set up a website, SINATRA CENTENARY, where she'll be celebrating for all of 2015.

The Leftist Way Of Thinking – Part 666

27 January 2015 @ 21:52

From LifeNews, Sarah Terzo reporting, we gain further insight into how the mind of a Leftist works:

From the partial birth abortion ban trials, an abortionist is asked how many abortions he has done.

Q. How many abortions of first and second trimester have you done during the course of your career, if you can just estimate that?

A. I’m sure you’re talking about hundred thousands.

Dr. William Fitzhugh, abortionist, in sworn testimony in Carhart vs. Ashcroft, Lincoln, NE, March 30, 2004

Fitzhugh told the Nebraska court that his only worry was delivering a live baby: “The one thing that … I don’t want the staff to have to deal with is to have a fetus that you remove and have some viability to it, some movement of limbs, because it’s always a difficult situation.”

Burn in Hell, Doctor Mengele.

See also: Jeff Goldstein’s recent post.

‘Hey, Where’s Bob?’ ‘At The Bank…’

27 January 2015 @ 21:29

‘The snow bank, that is’.

Hello from the wasteland that is

2 0 1 5
! ! ! ! ! ! !

My only comment: Oh! The Pain!

We ain’t got no bread and milk, but we got us some bourbon and crackers, so we’re good.


Is ‘Obama’ An Anti-Semite?

26 January 2015 @ 20:14

The-Jarrett-Junto-001f-275x166Well…let’s see: he despises conservative Jews like Benjamin Netanyatu and it’s obvious he would rather Israel not exist…oh, and he abhors Judeo-Christian values and their heritage.  Further, the only kind of Jew he seems to care to deal with are Self-Hating Jews like Rahm Emanuel — you know, men and women born Jewish, but who look down upon and disdain being Jewish, and who especially loathe the Hebrew Faith.  If you have not concluded that this sorry excuse for a Human Being is, indeed, anti-Semitic, then you haven’t been paying attention.

The latest example of ‘Obama’s’ visceral hatred comes via Jeff Goldstein, who quotes a report by Susan Goldberg that reveals the Obama Political Machine is working within Israel to defeat the Prime Minister* [who some of us call ‘the Leader Of The Free World’] and, as Jeff remarks, hopes to achieve:

the deposing of Bibi Netanyahu in Israel in favor of some left-wing appeasenik who might actually take Obama’s feckless, bullshit approach to “peace” in the Middle East — which seems to involve empowering Iran and fighting all serious attempts to destroy Islamic radicalism — seriously.

The Jarrett Junto is smart enough to know that any Israeli Appeasenik will hasten the fall of Israel to the Mohammedins, because it cannot survive when it becomes as defenseless as Poland was in 1939 — any guarantees of it’s safety by nations of The West will be as useless as used toilet paper.

More from Jeff:

It’s a sick situation. But then, when you twice elect a Red Diaper Baby with narcissistic tendencies and no real intellectual filter, moral or otherwise…what you get is an ideologue looking for fellow-traveling “revolutionaries” looking to upset balances of power.

I still maintain that it is the goal of The Jarrett Junto to see the world divided up into four Totalitarian Regimes: The Caliphate, the Red Chinese, the Fascist Russians, and the Anti-Western West [ie: Oceania or, perhaps, more fittingly ‘Appeasenia’].  A key part of bringing about the triumph of The Caliphate will be the destruction of Israel, just as a key part of bringing about the transformation of The West into a Soft Totalitarian state will be the destruction of the nations of The Anglosphere from within.  [I’m not in any way implying that I believe this strategy is Realistic — far from it because Leftist Thinking is never anything but fantastical dreaming.]

Be prepared: March could be a decisive month.

As for me, I Stand With Israel…


They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.
For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against Thee:
The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes;
Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre;
Assur also is joined with them: they have holpen the children of Lot. Selah.
Do unto them as unto the Midianites; as to Sisera, as to Jabin, at the brook of Kison:
Which perished at Endor: they became as dung for the earth.

Psalm 83: 4-10, KJV

*As GeoffB points out, this is not the first time
that the Left In America has tried this.

Sinatra 100th: The Best Performances – 97-95

23 January 2015 @ 20:24

Sinatra100th-Logo-009-250gxRing-A-Ding-Ding, everybody!

Here at TCOTS, we’re celebrating Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday by counting down what I think are his 100 best performances on Vinyl and CD. All of the songs on the List have been released on either one or both mediums. Interspersed with the countdown will be Honorable Mentions that didn’t make the List and a countdown of what I think our his best albums.

Francis Albert will be your pilot and Bobby Bell your navigator.

So sit back easy in your easy chair, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s take off in the blue…


Music & Lyrics: Carolyn Leigh, Johnny Richards
Recorded: 09 December 1953
Released as a Single; included in the compilation album This Is Sinatra!

This is my favorite version of this song because Frank had Sammy Cahn write special lyrics to honor psychiatry and re-entitled it Jung At Heart. I kid, I kid. While he did a lovely re-recording of YAH for Sinatra’s Sinatra [which just did not make this List], the original, which is the theme song for a charming movie musical of the same name, is still the performance where Frank sets the right balance between the sweetness and the truth conveyed by the music and lyrics.


Music & Lyrics: Ira Gershwin, Vernon Duke
Recorded: 26 March 1959
From the album No One Cares

Nothing beats the second Bunny Berigan version of this song [recorded: 07 August 1937] and, really, I don’t think Francis tried to. He takes it back to it’s roots as a plaintive ballad. The melancholy is quite heavy here and Sammy Cahn has updated the lyrics a bit [dig that IBM reference].


Music & Lyrics: George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin
Recorded: 10 April 1962
From the album Sinatra And Swingin’ Brass

A lively take on song Frank had done before, this version doesn’t work as well as the one of Songs For Young Lovers, but it’s still a charmer.  It’s one of those upbeat songs that, as Pundette recently remarked regarding this kind of FAS performance, ‘just makes you feel good’.

See you next Friday as we head-off again to Bobsville.

Don’t forget to also keep checking out
Pundette’s Sinatra 100 countdown
& Mark Steyn’s.
It’s a swingin’ world.

If you’re having trouble tracking down any of the performances on this List, contact me at Robert[dot]Belvedere[at]gmail[dot]com and I might be able to help you.


The West Summarized In One Sentence

23 January 2015 @ 08:31

It is not an easy thing to do [Lord knows I've tried to fashion such a quip to have handy in conversations with people who refuse to see how dire our Cultural situation is], but Richard Fernandez has done it:

To an ever-greater degree the “free man” of the West is an unarmed, frightened, policed and browbeaten cipher whose first reaction to any crisis is to ‘shelter in place’.

That’s a head shot, a bullseye.

Some have speculated that The West is merely experiencing what every civilization in the past has: exhaustion. These prognosticators believe that societies eventually get tired of defending their customs and traditions and sink into an Apathy.

While the widespread miasma of Apathy is hanging over The West, I don’t see it as being the result of a general fatigue.

As Jean Raspail wrote in his 1985 Introduction to a new edition of The Camp Of The Saints:

For the West is empty, even if it has not yet become really aware of it. An extraordinarily inventive civilization, surely the only one capable of meeting the challenges of the third millennium, the West has no soul left. At every level — nations, races, cultures, as well as individuals — it is always the soul that wins the decisive battles. It is only the soul that forms the weave of gold and brass from which the shields that save the strong are fashioned. I can hardly discern any soul in us….

We began losing our Souls when we began the slow process, now realized on a widespread scale, of rejecting the Presence of God in the World. Without His guiding hand, we find ourselves adrift.

The Will to struggle to first create and then preserve and maintain Freedom and Ordered Liberty was fueled by a belief Those who struggle thus purely based on Utilitarian beliefs — ‘this is in my rational [non-Transcendent] self-interest’ — find that said beliefs will only carry them so far. At some point they will weary of the fight and will not have the Love of God to fall back on for succor and sustinence.

The Utilitarians will reason that the potential rewards to be gained are no longer worth the enormous effort, the severe challenge to their mental and physical health, to carry-on with The Stuggle. They will coldly [because the absence of God brings a deep and wet chill to the Soul] calculate there is no longer any utility is waging War against the Forces Of Evil that seek eternally to enslave them in one way or another, or in all ways. To put it simply: the Utilitarians have nothing to fall back on as a reserve, whereas those who are filled with the presence of God are forever charged with the energy to serve Him and His purposes.

God has granted us Free Will. It is from this Grant, in an effort to preserve that glorious gift, that our ancestors fought and died to create the conditions where Freedom and Ordered Liberty exist. They were animated by the fact that, in doing so, they were carrying out God’s Will that His people should be Free.

The Founders charged us, their Posterity, will maintaining what they had done and they expected us to march into that battle with the symbol of The One True God on our shields. But we, in an arrogance worthy of the Snake in The Garden Of Eden, thought we didn’t need to be clothed in the armor of The Holy Spirit when we faced-off against the forces, both external and internal, that sought to make us slaves to Evil.

And here we are, now, in The West: apathetic and weak-souled. Perfect targets for the chains of Slavery. Easy prey for those who would be Slavemasters.

While our country remains untainted with the principles and manners which are now producing desolation in so many parts of the world; while she continues sincere, and incapable of insidious and impious policy, we shall have the strongest reason to rejoice in the local destination assigned us by Providence. But should the people of America once become capable of that deep simulation towards one another, and towards foreign nations, which assumes the language of justice and moderation, while it is practising iniquity and extravagance, and displays in the most captivating manner the charming pictures of candour, frankness, and sincerity, while it is rioting in rapine and insolence, this country will be the most miserable habitation in the world. Because we have no government, armed with power, capable of contending with human passions, unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge and licentiousness would break the strongest cords of our Constitution, as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other….

—John Adams, 11 October 1798

Valerie Jarrett Is In The House

22 January 2015 @ 20:36

It turns out that Valerie Jarrett’s role as the key manipulator in The White House is not unprecedented.

Such a power-hungry, obsequious minion has served a previous President who, like ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ is a poster child for arrogance and a raging Narcissist.  I’m speaking of Woodrow Wilson and his Chief of Sycophancy, ‘Colonel’ Edward House.

From a review by Lewis Gould of the new biography of House by Charles Neu, we learn:

…When Woodrow Wilson became governor of New Jersey in 1910 and then a presidential candidate in 1911, House believed, as he told friends, that he had “found both the man and the opportunity.”

Long talks forged their friendship. According to House’s recollections, often the only source available, Wilson told him at the outset: “My dear friend, we have known each other always.” House resisted any formal role with Wilson. In an unofficial capacity as Wilson’s best friend, House assisted with cabinet appointments, Democratic patronage and foreign diplomacy….

…In the endemic infighting within the Wilson White House, the Colonel early demonstrated that he was, in an acquaintance’s phrase, “an intimate man even when he was cutting a throat.” House would chat with colleagues in Wilson’s inner circle, learn what was on the president’s mind and then present Wilson with insights tailored to persuade his patron that the two men thought alike. “Discover a common hate,” he said in describing his sycophancy, “exploit it, get the president warmed up, and then start your business.”

Mr. Neu lets the negative aspects of House emerge as he chronicles in an understated way his attitudes and actions. The recurrent derogatory references to Jews such as Louis D. Brandeis and Bernard Baruch give a sense of House’s stereotyped thinking. House reported in his diary in February 1918, for example, dining with the president and his wife and discussing “how ubiquitous Jews were, one stumbled over them at every move and they were so persistent it was impossible to avoid them.”

House had a world-class ego and coveted praise. Having risen by adeptly flattering Wilson, he failed to see that the fulsome praise for his abilities came from people wanting to get closer to the center of power….

The-Jarrett-Junto-001f-275x166Jarrett and House are the kind of corrupt people The Founders feared would dig their claws into the constitutional republican government they had set up.  They had witnessed such people first-hand during the decades of British rule and they understood that such people were like smallpox: they corrupted everything and everyone they touched, and they attracted other parasitical, dishonest, and dishonorable moral criminals to their orbit.  We have suffered for too long ‘the repeated Attacks that have been made on the publick Liberty by a corrupt Administration and their wretched Tools & Dependents’* — beyond what any freeman should endure if he truly cares for his Liberty.

‘Colonel’ [it was an honorary title, one not earned in uniform] House eventually fell out of favor with the Despot Wilson [thanks in large measure to the efforts of the Tyrant’s equally power-hungry second wife], but, before his fall from the Gnostic’s Grace, he wrecked much havoc to The Republic, the effects of which we are still suffering from this very day.

Corrupt men may be kept out of places of public trust; the utmost circumspection I hope will be used in the choice of men for public officers. It is to be expected that some who are void of the least regard to the public, will put on the appearance and even speak boldly the language of patriots, with the sole purpose of gaining the confidence of the public, and securing the loaves and fishes for themselves or their sons or other connexions.

Men who stand candidates for public posts, should be critically traced in their views and pretensions, and though we would despise mean and base suspicion, there is a degree of jealousy which is absolutely necessary in this degenerate state of mankind, and is indeed at all times to be considered as a political virtue.

It is in your power also to prevent a plurality of places incompatible with each other being vested in the same persons. This our patriots have loudly and very justly complained of in time past, and it will be an everlasting disgrace to them if they suffer the practice to continue. Care I am informed is taking to prevent the evil with as little inconvenience as possible, but it is my opinion that the remedy ought to be deep and thorough.

After all, virtue is the surest means of securing the public liberty. I hope you will improve the golden opportunity of restoring the ancient purity of principles and manners in our country. Every thing that we do, or ought to esteem valuable, depends upon it. For freedom or slavery, says an admired writer, will prevail in a country according as the disposition and manners of the inhabitants render them fit for the one or the other.

—Samuel Adams, letter to Elbridge Gerry, 29 October 1775

*Samuel Adams, 31 March 1773

On Those Who Snipe At #AmericanSniper

21 January 2015 @ 21:42

The disgusting vitriol that has been flung by Leftist Monkeys and dribbled by Village Idiots at the late American Hero Chris Kyle shows us that there’s a lot of deadwood in American Society.

As for my further thoughts by me on this subject, I’ll just quote Jeff Goldstein, who is more fittingly eloquent than I:

The left simply can’t let some heroism exist, particularly when it is offered in defense of country. That, to them, is merely jingoistic, racist, macho gun-nuttery — of the kind that allows them to sit in their salons and their martini bars and piss on the very people who keep them free so that they can continue belching out distorted narratives and outright falsehoods as a way to cover for their own cowardice: which is to say, by turning real sacrifice into a wingnut caricature, they are able to elevate their own rejection of that sacrifice into a self-servingly “brave” stance against the established status quo, the idea that soldiers protect their freedoms. In that way, they redefine heroism (“look at the brave and controversial dissent I offer from the comfort of my den, where my Apple Pro Book often sits! Aren’t I edgy?”) to cover for their own moral, intellectual, and even physical cowardice.

This observation aside, it’s worth noting the extent they’ll go to to bring down those who they recognize they could never ever on their best days even approach in terms of human worth.

So allow me to say this here and now: fuck the bloated ostentatious cravenness of Michael Moore and Seth Rogen; fuck the faculty lounge recriminations of fey metrosexuals and gentrified, soft, city gals pretending to write nuanced counter narratives instead of the intentionally misleading alternate histories they’re hoping will stick like goat heads to the fabric of American lore; and fuck Jesse Ventura, too.

If you need so badly to try to pull yourself up on the back of a dead SEAL whose very dumps you aren’t fit to smear yourselves with, you’re doing life wrong.

The end.

Preach, Brother, Preach.

On Hubris, Depraved Indifference, and Nemesis [UPDATED]

21 January 2015 @ 14:36

As our Tyrant King spoke of how wonderfully his anti-terrorism efforts had worked, our Middle Eastern ‘partner’ in that effort, Yemen, was in the midst of a coup led by Al Qaeda.

One has to laugh or one will have a stroke just thinking about how utterly and totally incompetent this Administration is and how they have put the lives of every single American in serious danger. More than ever before, each and every one of us is in danger of being murdered by a Muslim, be it by the mislabeled ‘lone wolf’ or by a group like the 09/11 band of deranged brothers or via WMD’s.

Our laughs quickly fade, however, because the grave implications of the Despot’s policies come flooding back into our minds.

Belmont Club commentator I Was Don Rodrigo sums-up this situation damn well [emphasis mine]:

Never in my memory have I seen an American administration like this: one with a depraved indifference to reality.

‘Barack Hussein Obama’s’ actions and the actions of the whole of his Administration are Criminal because they are reprehensible, villainous, the product of Evil intentions, and destructive in their effects on Freedom and Ordered Liberty. Said actions are also deeds of Moral Treason because they are designed to betray and to destroy everything America stands for.

I suppose we can take some comfort in the age-old knowledge that such Hubris is always followed by Nemesis — Karma is a bitch.

Richard Fernandez:

There is something faintly ridiculous, not to mention tragic, about a leader who vaunts his success over the fates even as the platform gives way underfoot. He must be thinking, as the Iranian proxies cavort in the presidential palace of his ally, the words of David Beatty at Jutland as he watched his battlecruisers blow up one after the other, “Chatfield, there seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today.”

The Greeks believed there was something about Hubris that inevitably attracted the arrival of Nemesis, “the spirit of divine retribution against those who succumb to hubris (arrogance before the gods)”. It is like those scenes in Hollywood movies where the protagonist turns his back on the jungle and assures everyone that the dinosaur is finally dead, only for the beast to charge out that very moment from the foliage.

Don’t turn your back to the monster in the movies. And never proclaim it is dead in the SOTU — not unless you want it to spring back to life. Of course there are those who would dismiss such embarassments as “bad luck”. But as Glenn Reynolds recently observed “bad luck” is often just the name we give to the consequences of our stupidity and arrogance….

That ‘monster’ the Left thinks is lurking out there is, in fact, no freakish and brutal beast, but, rather, it is Truth [in our case, it might, perhaps, be more accurate to phrase it thusly: it is Truth, Justice, and The American Way]. It is what you fear the most — your Room 101.

Beware your Monster come to Life, you Bolshevik swine, for his name is OUTLAW.


UPDATE at 1955…

Mark Steyn is dead solid perfect in his remarks on ‘Obama’s’ sham-show of last night:

It always helps to flee the country when Barack Obama starts droning about turning the page on the shadow of crisis while doing that left-right prompter head-swivel that makes him look like a primitive animatronic version of a president rather than the real thing….

In last year’s speech, Obama touted Yemen as an example of successful counter-terrorism: just fire up the old drone, and take out some guy as he’s enjoying lunch in his favorite upcountry bistro. This year, he didn’t mention Yemen, because it’s about to join the ever swelling ranks of Failed States of the Obama Era: as he was speaking, some Iranian-backed chappies were overrunning the presidential palace and taking Washington’s “key ally” hostage. He’s the latest American friend to learn that, when the chips are down, John Kerry knows what song to sing:

If they ever put a bullet in your brain
I’ll complain.

Obama’s strategy for the rest of the world is to “turn the page” on it. Libya, where he chose to go to war, is now a failed state. Syria, where he drew a red line, has some 200,000 dead. ISIS, which he dismissed as the junior varsity of jihad, controls half of Iraq and Syria and is executing US citizens live on camera and auctioning Japanese hostages for a fifth of a billion dollars. In West Africa, to whom his wife held up a pouty-faced cardboard hastag #BringBackOurGirls, the girls haven’t been brought back and Boko Haram are setting up a local variant of an ISIS state. In Iran, where he claimed he’d halted their nuclear program, their stockpile of enriched uranium has increased since his so-called deal. Al-Qaeda, which he said for years was” on the run”, has just pulled off a high-profile mass murder in Paris that struck at the heart of a core western value – freedom of speech.

But so what? Obama’s turned his page: This was the first State of the Union in 13 years not to mention al-Qaeda.


Sadly, @BobbyJindal Does Not ‘Get It’

20 January 2015 @ 14:02

Governor Bobby[!] Jindal of Louisiana is scheduled to give a speech today where, according to Conservative Beautiful Person Larry Kudlow, he is going to say [tip of the fedora to GeoffB]:

"Let’s be honest here. Islam has a problem."

Jindal says, “Muslim leaders must make clear that anyone who commits acts of terror in the name of Islam is in fact not practicing Islam at all. If they refuse to say this, then they are condoning these acts of barbarism. There is no middle ground.”

Then he adds, specifically, “Muslim leaders need to condemn anyone who commits these acts of violence and clearly state that these people are evil and are enemies of Islam. It’s not enough to simply condemn violence, they must stand up and loudly proclaim that these people are not martyrs who will receive a reward in the afterlife, and rather they are murderers who are going to hell. If they refuse to do that, then they’re part of the problem. There is no middle ground here.”

Jindal gets it.

Actually, no…he most certainly does not. Governor Jindal has a problem that many on the Right suffer from: a refusal to understand Islam for what it really is.

As LBascom remarks in the Comments section of the Protein Wisdom post where GeoffB linked Kudlow:

I think the more sound case is those practicing jihad, terror and the pursuit of worldwide sharia law are the ones being true to their Muslim faith and Islam.

The only way it will atop is if they renounce Mohammad and convert to Christianity.

Or ANY other religion for that matter…

He’s dead solid perfect.

Islam is, at it’s very core, Evil. It cannot be reformed. It cannot be saved. It is a complete corruption.

Anyone who will not open their eyes and see the Mohammedin Cult for what it is are surrendering to the lie put out by Muslims and the Left that Islam is the exact opposite of what it really is.

Such people have a name: Dhimmi [funny how that word reminds one of the word 'dim'].

The lamps are dimming and going out all over The West; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetimes…unless we are prepared to regain our Moral and Martial Vigor and launch a Final Crusade.

MLK Day: Questions

19 January 2015 @ 21:35

Jeff Goldstein wrote earlier today:

When Obama was nominated I wrote that should he be elected he’d set race relations back 50 years — though I certainly wished he’d fail.

He hasn’t.

We’re living in the “benighted States of America” Rabbit, Redux’s Skeeter railed against — only it’s 44 years hence, and it didn’t have to be this way. Sharpton, Holder, Obama, Dyson, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright: these are the people who piss on Dr King’s legacy while laying claim to it, straining to keep alive racial divides and open erstwhile cauterized civil wounds, luxuriating in the tensions and chaos they will into being. These race hustlers and political cynics need to keep pitching the narrative of a racially-polarized country, because this is how they are able to tribalize us, rob of us of our individual autonomy, and secure power for themselves.

Which, no wonder they’re reluctant to be judged by the content of their characters.

Protein Wisdom commentator Bob Reed remarked:

…King dreamed of a color-blind society, and worked toward achieving it because he believed in it, and not because his personal power, or status, would stem from it.

While the race-hustlers, one of which is an advisor to POTUS, claim to work for racial reconciliation, but really foment division, precisely to retain their power and elevated standing in society.

MLK surely wouldn’t approve of the actions of the race hustlers and professionally aggrieved.

We’ll never know — but, maybe, it’s better that way because, near the end of his life, MLK was hanging around with Socialists/Communists. Perhaps it is better we never witnessed the fruits of his late-in-life associations. Would he have become one? Would he have transitioned to Fascist, like Jackson and Sharpton and so many others?

Sinatra 100th: The Best Performances – 100-98

19 January 2015 @ 00:24

Sinatra100th-Logo-009-250gxRing-A-Ding-Ding, everybody!

This here year, 2015, is going to be a real gas — it’s the 100th Birthday of one Francis Albert Sinatra — and here at TCOTS we’re going be swingin’ down that old lane of memories all year long in honor of The Chairman Of The Board.

Now most of those cats who are honoring Ol’ Blue Eyes are going to give you a list of their 100 favorite songs, but your old pally, Bob Belvedere, is gonna fly a little higher and give you the 100 Best Performances ever recorded and released on vinyl and CD.  That’s right, hep cats, every Friday between now and Frank’s 100th Birthday on the 12th of December, you’ll be invited to jet yourself off to Bobsville, pour your lovely or handsome self some Jack Daniels and soar to where the air is rarefied.  Along the way, we’ll pause for some tunes that didn’t make the List [Hell, he recorded over 1,400 of ‘em] and we’ll countdown my favorite albums.

Francis Albert will be your pilot and Bobby Bell your navigator.

So sit back easy in your easy chair, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s take off in the blue…


Music & Lyrics: Jan Savitt, Harold Adamson, Johnny Watson
Recorded: 19 May 1961
From the album Swing Along With Me [aka: Sinatra Swings]

A perfect song to uplift the Spirits when you’re feelin’ low, this swinger, arranged by the great Billy May, is the go-to antidote for whatever’s ailing you…


Music & Lyrics: Duke Ellington, Harry James, Don George, Johnny Hodges
Recorded: 10 April 1962
From the album Sinatra And Swingin’ Brass

Turn your lamp down low…


Music & Lyrics: Caravelli, Michel Jourdan, Paul Anka, Sammy Cahn
Recorded: 21 June 1973
From the album Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back

The 1970’s. Frank’s voice is rough after his retirement and subsequent return. Here’s a song full of that 60’s/70’s bombast that was so popular [Impossible Dream, anyone?], but he takes it and shows all the others how to do it right, how to avoid the bombast and over-the-top show, just wringing-out sincere emotion. Marvellous…

See you Friday, when we’ll get on our regular posting schedule as we head-off again to Bobsville.

Don’t forget to also keep checking out
Pundette’s Sinatra 100 countdown
and Mark Steyn’s.
It’s a swingin’ world.

If you’re having trouble tracking down the performances on this List, contact me at Robert[dot]Belvedere[at]gmail[dot]com and I might be able to help you.


JFK In Paris

16 January 2015 @ 22:04

No, not the unqualified, drugged sex addict President.  I’m speaking of the unqualified, mashed potato-faced loser Secretary Of State, John Forbes Kerry.

Picture obtained from Instapundit.

Others have said it better than I could:




Todd Adams:

Is that that Harf chick in the red and white pinstripe dress?

Iowahawk, one more time:

What a fuckin’ embarr-ass-ment.

A final comment from Shermlaw:

Well, of course, Truman preceded his ultimatum to Japan in 1945 with a set from the Andrews sisters, so there’s a precedent for “musical diplomacy.”

And now, if you excuse me, I’m going to go set myself on fire.

Don’t Bogart all that gasoline, my friend.

DDoS ATTACK ALERT: @PamelaGeller Needs Our Help

16 January 2015 @ 14:19

Here’s the text of the e-mail I received from her an hour ago [full e-mail here]:

Atlas Shrugs subscribers did not receive their free daily newsletter today because the website has been under a massive DDoS attack. Our Islamic Jew hatred ads in San Francisco have gotten huge national and international press. In addition, our free speech rally this weekend countering the "Stand with the Prophet" anti-free speech.

The DDoS meltdown is huge. There is no end in sight. Please be patient. I am working furiously to move and get back online.The costs associated with the move, the server, the IT expertise are staggering. I need your help. If you believe that Atlas Shrugs must survive, contribute here.

The website reaches close to 100,000 readers a day.

We need to get the message out and cover the news the media won’t cover. Especially now when the jihad is raging.

I need your help to continue the work.

Pam is one of the most courageous Anti-Jihad Fighters we have out there. She is relentless in her pursuit of the Truth about the Mohammedins. Despite the thousands of violent threats she has received, Pam has never backed-down, nor reduced her commitment.

Please help her, if you are able.

Feminists And Their Wrong Premises: @RSMcCain On Their Big Lie

16 January 2015 @ 14:09

Over at The Other McCain, we find a superb entry in Stacy McCain’s ongoing series [in preparation for a book he's writing] on the Ideology known as Feminism.

A highlight:

Feminism is a formula for unhappiness, an ideology conceived by unhappy women who were unwilling to take responsibility for their own unhappiness. Instead they promoted a false crypto-Marxist worldview in which all men oppress all women. This belief — feminism’s Big Lie — is how unhappy women justify their envy-driven attacks on the actual sources of happiness in other women’s lives.

I urge you to take the time to click here and read the whole post [which contains some good, old fashion [and needed] fire and brimstone, as well].

While The Big Lie is a weapon used by all Leftists to mislead and confuse those they wish to enslave, all Ideologies have to have their own internal Big Lies in order to preserve the fragile Systems Of Ideas they have constructed.

Every Ideology is a set of beliefs created in the sterile laboratories of it’s creators’s minds, far away from Reality, so each one is, at it’s core, by it’s very nature, brittle in the face of the Truth of Life as it is. So, in order for an Ideology’s believers to continue to believe in their particular System Of Ideas, they must kid themselves into believing said System will work in the Real World, despite the fact that it was conceived without consulting how Human Nature works. They have to believe that all of their conclusions are right. They must employ and constantly re-enforce the Big Lie directly into their Souls. Failure to do so will cause their whole image of the World to collapse, all concepts reduced to rubble, all presumptions vaporized. The Ideologue fears this more than anything.

In the Comments section, Jim R remarks:

I often wonder what it’s like to live in an [Social Justice Warrior's] head. As I see it, they think that the world is little better than a jungle with white men as the undisputed apex predators. According to SJW’s, we go about killing black people ("people of color" when they want to try to rope in Latinos and Asians) without provocation or fear of consequence, we rape women without provocation (other than having a d!ck) or fear of consequence, &c. Seriously, a small, lame rat tossed into a cage full of starving pythons has a more optimistic outlook than these folks.

Worse, they recognize NO progress. It’s still 1859 as far as they are concerned: black people are either slaves or tremble in fear lest a fugitive slave patrol kidnap them and send them south; women are nothing more than breeding stock / domestic servants who tremble with fear lest their husbands beat them to death or gangs of other men (including their husbands, I suppose) rape them the moment they step foot outside their houses.

Worst of all, even as they yap about protest and progress, they claim that it CAN NEVER BE BETTER. The country always has been and ALWAYS WILL BE raaaaacist. The country always has been and ALWAYS WILL BE "misogynist".


I’m surprised that more "feminists" and other SJW types don’t just kill themselves and get it over with rather than just wait for the white killer cop or the rape gang that will inevitably show up. Because White Privilege.

Dead solid perfect.

While I have no doubt that a decent number of the female SJW’s sink into life-long mental illnesses or kill themselves, most maintain enough control of themselves to plaque we Normal people with their never-ending ‘reforms’ and campaigns and drives and puritanical jihads and just plain nagging. Their Nihilism is quite tiring.

How Soft Is The West?

15 January 2015 @ 21:11

This soft, according to Dicentra:

Some of my Twitterlocutors have scoffed at the idea that Islam can hurt us in the USA because they’d have to compose 51% of the population before anything bad happened.

Or an invading army would have to conquer the Beltway with tanks and bombs and stuff.


A determined minority can guilt us or lawfare us into banning or severely restricting (a) bacon; (b) alcohol; (c) dogs; (d) co-ed swimming pools, classrooms, playgrounds; (e) music; (f) sports; (g) synagogues; (h) public displays of affection; (i) swimsuits on beaches; (j) Sunday services; (k) any book not the Koran.

“Islam” means submission to Islam.

Yes, we are just that soft enough.


And the submission has already started — more so in Europe and Britain, but it’s picking-up speed here in America, thanks especially to an Administration that favors Islam [Dhimmi Scum] over Patriotic Americans.

The Dissonance Of The Left: An Example

15 January 2015 @ 20:50

I happened upon a lovely example of the dissonance of Leftist Thinking today while perusing The Atlantic’s website.

In an article entitled Not Everyone’s Internal Clock Is Set for the 9-to-5 by one Ilana Strauss, she considers the unfavorable situation people with abnormal circadian rhythms [ie: internal clocks] face. [I was interested in reading this because I have always been most creative when my primary sleep time is in the afternoon, the early morning, evening, and late nights being the times I am most productive, imaginative, and inspired.]

As Mz. Strauss remarks:

[Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome] sufferers have internal clocks that run at least two hours slower than normal, giving them “social jet lag” which is pretty much what it sounds like: They’re out of sync with the rest of society. They struggle to keep their eyes open during morning business meetings because their bodies are convinced it’s the middle of the night. DSPS can wreak havoc on their health and careers, causing depression, anxiety, brain damage, heart disease, drug addiction, and a myriad of other afflictions due to sleep deprivation.

Later in the article she writes [emphasis mine]:

Of course, humans didn’t always work 9-to-5 or sleep eight recommended hours at night. Anthropologist Carol Worthman describes the sleep patterns of hunter-gather societies as having huge variations across different tribes and cultures. While for some tribes, sleeping at the same time was a social activity, other tribes slept whenever they could or felt like it. A good deal of research suggests humans aren’t made to sleep eight-hour stretches. The 9-to-5 workday started as a movement in the 1830s. Laws were passed over the next few decades, with Congress passing the eight-hour workday for federal employees in 1876. The 40-hour workweek became part of the New Deal, which is when it became more or less standardized.

The 9-to-5 workday came as a result of unions and Progressives (1) seeking to restrict the power of business owners to set the number of hours employees worked and (2) demanding that the vast majority of workers work during the daylight hours.  They achieved #2 by forcing businesses to pay extra monies for those employees who worked ‘off-hour’ shifts.

Mz. Strauss goes on to advocate for flexible work hours so people with DSPS can be happier in their work, as surveys seem to show  Nothing wrong with that, as far as I’m concerned.  It makes sense as a business owner to want to create conditions where your employees are performing as their most efficient and economic levels.

However, near the end of her piece, Mz. Strauss engages in some Dissonance [emphasis mine]:

Flexible work schedules are already very common in Europe. A 2009 study by the European Commission found that flexible working hours is “relatively widespread.” Workers with access to flexible schedules in the EU ranged from about 62 percent in Denmark to about 7-to-10 percent in Bulgaria—with most EU countries in the range of 20-to-40 percent. According to Cooper, most U.K. employees will be working half from home in five years.

Traditionally, managers tend to think more people in the office equals more output, but new research shows that people who work flexible hours are more productive and more likely to stay with their company because they are happier and healthier. Thanks to these findings, the U.K. passed a law in June giving every worker the right to apply for a flexible work arrangement.

This is great news; not just for DSPS sufferers, but for their companies. Employers willing to let their employees work flexible hours would enjoy access to a greater number of quality employees, higher productivity, and lower office space costs….

But there’s no willingness is what she sees as a really great positive: the government of the United Kingdom forcing businessmen to allow flexible work hours.

The problem afflicting employable people with DSPS was created by governments and their union allies creating the problem in the first place, and now she implies that the solution is more government regulation [ie: force] to correct the problem.

The word ‘dissonance’ is defined by the OED as: ‘A tension or clash resulting from the combination of two disharmonious or unsuitable elements’.

This little example of the discordance of this Leftist’s way of thinking should make a non-Leftist understand — if they don’t already — why the Left, after such overwhelming evidence to the contrary, can still say that Socialism or Communism or Progressivism are viable because they’ve never really been tried.

Man…I would be scared to mind-meld with one of these people.  I fear I would lose my mind.

Third Party 2016: Viable Reality Or Pipe Dream?

15 January 2015 @ 20:02

M-Joseph-Sheppard-001bxSpecial guest post
M. Joseph Sheppard

The 2014 mid-terms landslide with its Boehner re-election aftermath, had a similar expression of Tea Party/conservative disgust as did the 2012 landslide. Now, as then, voices have been raised calling for a conservative third party.

Leaving aside persons and personalities, if the question of the viability of a third party is to be considered outside of the emotion of the moment, disgust with this or that possible Establishment candidate, then the Electoral College and constitutional issues need to be examined.

Even with massive enthusiasm and huge grass roots funding behind such a movement, history shows that victory first time up would be unlikely (although a major economic dislocation could prove an exceptional catalyst). Teddy Roosevelt crushed the Republican establishment in 1912, but lost heavily to the Dem’s, La Follette had substantial enthusiasm at 19.24% of the popular vote but did poorly in the Electoral College, as did Perot 18.9% and George Wallace13.5%.

In 1856, the new Republican Party lost in their first outing, whilst performing credibly and, after the next election, became the major force in presidential politics for the next 56 years. Thus the Whigs, who displaced the Federalists, and the Republicans who replaced the Whigs, prove that a new party can, if there is a major social shift, not only do well but can become a dominant force.

Below are illustrations of how a new party could eclipse the GOP as it now stands and win in 2016, although 2020 in a straight two party race would seem more likely. The major question would be whether, if the new party did well but did not win, it could stay around for another run-unlike Roosevelt’s Progressive Party.Thus those who might consider a new party would have to also consider the massive commitment it would require.

The question is, would a third party run give it a realistic chance of winning the presidency in 2016?

The answer is, yes if the environment is right. If by November 2016 the economy is not better than now, or has turned down massively, and if Romney or Jeb Bush were the GOP’s candidate which caused  conservatives to bolt, then a three way vote split is quite possible.

This approximates the three party (Dem/Bull Moose/GOP) 1912 election. That election was prevented from being thrown into the House because sitting President Taft only carried two states, but split the vote with Roosevelt 23% to 27% denying Roosevelt enough electoral votes to stop Wilson having an outright win.

Whereas the scenario below, realistically for the situation over 100 years later, shows the GOP candidate winning enough electoral votes to ensure no candidate had a majority.

It would require a genuine conservative, like Palin, who is the only person with enough name recognition, support base and fundraising ability to have any chance, to head a mass movement third party run. Concomitantly, if there was a major economic downturn, and a split in the left was exacerbated to the point that the “Progressives” stayed home on election day, and the Tea Party turned out en-mass, then the map below (with the prospective third party states in beige) is a very plausible result.

In this scenario the Democratic candidate would not have the 270 electoral college votes needed for outright victory. Under the constitution, the GOP standard bearer, the Dem, and the third party candidate would be the candidates the House would decide from. (presuming no other candidate had any electoral college votes. If they did they would be eliminated from the balloting as only the top three go through for consideration)

Every state would have one vote based  on the result of each states party representation. Thus, for example New York’s one vote would go to the Dem, and Wyoming’s one vote would go to the new Conservative Party, or to the Republican. Given the Republican, in this scenario, would have no chance of winning, it would be presumed that the votes of the states that Republican had won would go to the Conservative. This, if after the first ballot, no candidate had a majority of states votes, and if the conservative was the second choice of general election voters as per the map below.

Given it would be unlikely that the GOP would lose control of the House and the state caucus delegations, thus, on the most recent analysis, the GOP would have a majority of the 50 states votes based on caucus outcomes when balloting.

This scenario played out before. In the election of 1824 Andrew Jackson finished first with more electoral votes than John Quincy Adams, William Crawford came third and Henry Clay fourth. With Clay eliminated he threw the support of his states to Adams, who was duly elected, based on the fact of his having the majority of states.

Interestingly the combined Adams/Clay popular vote was 43.9% to Jackson’s 41.3% so in effect electoral justice was done. Similarly in the map below the combined non-Dem electoral vote is 274-four above the minimum of 270, and thus electoral justice would also have been done 187 years later

The full constitutional scenario is set out below the map.”Undecided” means third party  and the map represents a 2016 scenario disregarding Obama as the Democratic candidate. In the ensuing map from 1912 it clearly shows how a sitting president can only carry two states as did Taft so the scenario is entirely plausible.


Wilson received 41.7% of the vote and 435 Electoral College votes/Roosevelt 27.4 and 88/Taft 23.2% and 8. Thus Roosevelt/Taft had a popular vote majority (The Socialist Debs received 6%)

The constitution is very clear on the matter. Article 12 states, inter- alia:

“The person having the greatest Number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed; and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice.”

Thus, if the no candidate with an electoral college majority scenario plays out, and presuming there are no other candidates who have won electoral votes, the House would meet to choose the next president by January 20th 2017, with the states having one vote each, whilst the Senate would meet to choose the Vice-President.

Based on the current composition of the House, and if voting went strictly on party lines, with no vote switching or abstentions in states with a close proportion of Republicans and Democrats, the Independent (or third party) candidate would be chosen on the first or second ballot.

The Electoral College map is of course set out for illustrative purposes only. Given a political, social and economic environment in such a state of flux that a major third party effort had arisen there is no way of knowing, at this point in time, how any particular state might go on election day. The point is however, that there is a scenario where none of the three candidates had an Electoral College majority and thus a new, third party candidate could win-if not in 2016 then in 2020 — once the movement had bedded down and the GOP had gone the way of the Whigs.

Clearly, all the possible ducks would have to be in a row, a major personality such as Governor Palin would have to lead the new party and, as always money would be the determinate of how far along such a movement could go. Even a Perot or a Bloomberg or a Trump with all their personal wealth in such an undertaking, could only get so far and the fundraising, without corporate or Establishment support would have to be unprecedented from the grass roots. However if the economic and political winds had shifted enough and corporate America saw the GOP had no chance, and perhaps some of the newly wealthy entrepreneur class were interested the finance might become available at that point.

The only guarantee that can be confidently stated is that if a major third party did get underway the windmill it tilted at, without the finance required, would be the GOP’s whose 2016 candidate would be doomed.Whether that is a bad result would be a matter for ones personal predilections, if it brought an internal Reaganite revolution for 2020 perhaps the third party concept might not prove to be quite so quixotic in the end.

Mr. Sheppard is the proprietor of the blogs Point Of View and Palin4President 2016He also writes occasionally for American Thinker and is a man of refined taste.  Follow him on Twitter: @MJosephSheppard.

Autodidacticism For Fun And Profit…And As A Duty

14 January 2015 @ 14:41

In a brilliant essay on ignorances of several types, Stacy McCain zeros-in on a problem conservatives face that often is the cause of their losing the battles for Hearts and Minds:

As dismaying as is this vast ignorance among young liberals, many conservatives are not much better and, in some cases, much worse. Because it has become nearly impossible for any conservative to gain employment in academia — university faculty are nowadays as ideologically “diverse” as Stalin’s Politburo — there is no professional incentive for any conservative to study history in depth.

Sometimes it seems conservatives are trapped in current events, always arguing about whatever’s at the top of the Drudge Report, never bothering to trace our problems back to their historical roots which, as I say, can be found in the French Revolution.

You cannot utterly destroy an enemy unless you know their weak points [and all Tyrants must be destroyed in such a way for true Victory to be achieved].

And you cannot know the enemy’s weak points unless you possess an understanding how and what they think.

And you cannot understand how and what the enemy thinks unless you study their role in History.*

I find myself eternally frustrated watching conservatives debate among themselves and among others these days because, inevitably. you will hear and see arguments made for our Cause that are not based in the historical record. They most often based on Logic, complemented sometimes by Reason, but all it takes a Leftist who is just marginally skilled in the Art Of Debate to run rings around our seemingly dry arguments. The Left is very proficient in tugging at the heart strings or raising envy and jealousy — in other words: appealing to the emotions of those who don’t think too hard. In such a situation, we, with our Logic and Reason, don’t stand a chance. Bringing an understanding of the rich History of Human Life to an argument enlivens, gives color, to one’s arguments. Being accomplished at Logic just makes you a Vulcan.

Could This Be One Explanation?

Further: This lack of historical knowledge is why the conservatives on a show, such as The Five, are constantly baffled by the behavior of the Obama Administration. None of what the latter do are surprising to anyone who has studied the history of Leftist movements and Leftist Thinking.

The Founders hoped that their Posterity would embrace History because they understood that their success during and after the War For Independence owed a great deal to their understanding of History, especially of Tyranny and Despots.

That so many of us on the Right are just as ignorant of History as our Enemies on the Left is another, main cause of The Present Crisis.

We should know better.

_ _ _ _ _

*The same is true, by the way, for making the case for Freedom and Ordered Liberty. You have to read what The Founders themselves wrote and histories of that period by reputable historians.

Men In Burqas

13 January 2015 @ 14:29

And, unlike when women wear them, these men have no chests.

I am, of course, speaking of those ‘Men’ in Power And Control in The West. What a sorry bunch of wimpy and naive mediocrities. Not only are they wet behind the ears when it comes to understanding the motives of the Mohammedins, but they are wet in the pants just thinking about confronting the Reality that Islam and The West cannot coexist, teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony at morning call to prayers.

As Sean Davis wrote in a piece over at The Federalist [tip of the fedora to Ernst Schreiber]:

I don’t personally believe in modern day, post-Christian prophets, but if I did, I’d have to assume C.S. Lewis was one of them, because he saw this nonsense coming. He saw how the deliberate corruption of language leads inexorably to the degradation of society and the eventual corruption of mankind. We are seeing it now: let’s pretend that certain things don’t mean what they mean so that we may hopefully be the last up against the wall when the violent and perpetually offended hordes finally take control.

Maybe if we just call him “The Prophet” and tut-tut his detractors under our breath, his zealous followers will leave us alone and instead attack those fools who called him “a prophet,” or — gasp — used his actual name, or — even worse — drew a picture of him. Maybe they will look upon us with favor and spare us as a way of repaying our subservience to their ideology. Maybe our deliberate corruption of language in service of a violent strain of religion will signal that we mean them no harm. Maybe our weakness will be seen as strength. Maybe our lack of spine will be seen as courage. Maybe up will be down, hot will be cold, and slavery will be freedom.

“In a sort of ghastly simplicity,” C.S. Lewis wrote, “we remove the organ and demand the function”:

We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.

This is a society of men without chests….

Mr. Davis was referring primarily to the news outlets, but, clearly, his remarks also apply to the leaders of The West.

Don’t expect them to do anything that results in a defeat of the Mohammedins.

We already have before us an indication of their refusal to deal seriously with Islam in this whole February Summit thing.

As Sdferr wrote over at Protein Wisdom:

We are inundated with measures, mismeasures and non-measures of the western world’s seriousness and unseriousness regarding the ongoing war against warring militant Islam.

ClownDisaster, PresIVotePresentAndWonPenPhone has called for a “Summit on Countering Violent Extremism” of US “allies” to be held in Washington D.C. Feb. 18th.

Y’know, an infantilizing community organizing symposium intended to humiliate any serious adults still populating our “allied” leader list.

I’d suggest that non-attendance at that summit will itself be a significant measure of the seriousness of the war-fighting attitude of those who do not attend, and hence do not bow down to the aimed humiliations of the unserious community organizer, and that contrariwise, attendance will indicate the opposite.

He’s quite correct. Unlike this whole michegas over Obama not marching arm-in-arm with Western Leaders, Muslim Tyrants, and Dictator Thugs, those leaders who do not show-up at this farce will be sending a message that they intend to deal with Reality.

[One Quibble Sd: Our ongoing war is against all of Islam — it is an Ideological Cult dedicated to murdering or enslaving all non-believers, whether through either violence or fear or stealth.]

We have heard urgings coming out of the mouths of Westerners and non-Westerners that it is The West that must change it’s attitude in dealing with the Muslims.

McGehee shoots that proposal down in one, centered head shot:

It’s true though, the West must change. It must stop assuming its antagonists can be reasoned with or appeased. It must renounce the impulse of paying the Danegeld. It must accept that it still faces an existential threat that can only come down to annihilation of one side or the other.

It doesn’t matter that we do not wish to be at war with Islam, if Islam is already at war with us. The planet isn’t big enough anymore for the both of us.

By the way, in this context “clash of civilizations” is and has always been bullshit. This is a clash between civilization and its opposite.

Since we dealt a near-fatal blow to Islam in the 17th Century, we have been able to live with the existence of the Musselmen. This all changed, and we find ourselves in the situation McGehee describes, since The West lost it’s Will To Exist, which allowed the Mohammedins to rise again and threaten all that is Good in the World.

Islam is Evil. It has been so since it was first conceived. It is Anti-Life, a cult that worships Death. Like Leftism, Islam has brought nothing but Misery and Slaughter to the peoples it commands and controls.

Many Mohammedins have been trying to convince us that Freedom Of Speech does not include the freedom to mock or blaspheme Mohammed or Allah. And some Western leaders and Intellectuals agree with them.

Well then, as Serr8d comments:

If hate speech and inciteful text are banned, the Qur’an would necessarily be the first to go. Few texts exist that have such a bloody and destructive history. #ReformIslamNOW!, beginning with a forced rewrite of the Qur’an.

Else later generations, perhaps less tolerant than ours, will have to eliminate the threat that the Qur’an presents to all of the human species.

Why wait?

As inheritors of God’s greatest gift — Life — and being the Posterity that The Founders pledged their Lives, their Fortunes, and their Sacred Honor to leave a legacy of Freedom and Ordered Liberty to, it is our Sacred Duty to battle constantly and destroy if possible Evil, wherever it exists, especially when it seeks to spread it’s poison in America.

The West is slowly perishing in an orgy of submission to the Forces Of Tyranny and Darkness.

We must regain our Spiritual and Martial Vigor. It is our Calling and our Responsibility as Men.

As Frank Sang, Bob: ‘Where Are You?’

12 January 2015 @ 21:10

I spent the Weekend in RealWorld and had a rather good time [thank you to my Nieces, their Spouses, their kids, Mr. Beam, and Colonel Daniel].

Any free time today has been spent putting together my entry in the celebration of Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday Year — a list of my favorite one hundred performances by The Chairman Of The Board on vinyl and CD. I consider this task therapy that will keep me from going postal on the Left and the Quislings who provide it aid and comfort.

With any luck, I’ll be starting the countdown here soon.

Both Pundette and Mark Steyn are doing their own countdowns here and here, respectively.

As to the question in the post title, well…

God so loved man He gave us Francis Albert Sinatra.


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